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Black Women Becoming Community

A community focused on helping Black women prioritize self-healing and self-love and celebrate who she is becoming.

Are you ready to heal & fall in love with yourself?


Join Black Women Becoming- a community focused on helping Black women prioritize their self-healing and self-love and celebrate who she is becoming.


  •  Learn how to spend their time and energy without guilt.

  •  Learn how to get things done efficiently and effectively without procrastination and overthinking. 

  •  Become more authentic because they move in alignment with their values and desires. 

  • Show up confident, assertive with your voice/boundaries, and purposeful with your gifts. 

  • She boldly accepts the freedom within to live the life of her dreams.

 Core Values 





Self- Love

Does this sound familiar:

  • You're tired of dealing with life alone and would love a supportive community of like-minded women.

  • You want to start your healing journey but feel overwhelmed and need help figuring out where to start. 

  • You struggle with loving yourself. 

  • You can't trust yourself or your decision because you fear how others perceive you. 

  • You struggle to prioritize self-care 

  • You spend time obsessing over your insecurities, which leads to self-doubt

  • You struggle to set boundaries with those
    you love.

If the answer is yes, I want you to know it doesn't have to be this way!

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Who is this membership for:

 ✓ You desire to build healthier relationships with yourself. 

✓  You want to feel good about yourself. 

✓  You want to let go of your past trauma and live a life filled with inner peace.

✓  You want to start your healing journey but feel overwhelmed and need help figuring out where to start.

✓  You feel disconnected from who you desire to become. 

✓  You want to enforce boundaries and not focus on how others would feel. 

✓  You feel ashamed when it's time to celebrate all your accomplishments.

✓  You want to focus on your healing and self-love journey, but you want it to be self-paced.

This membership community is not for you if:

✖ You are looking for a quick fix or someone to "fix" you. 

✖ You are not interested in prioritizing your healing. 

✖ You are not ready to commit to yourself or love yourself unconditionally. 

✖ You are interested in punishing yourself for your past mistakes.


4 Step Framework: H.E.R.S

Grainy Surface


Understand the root of your life story and how it has impacted your relationship with yourself and others. Become self-aware of your patterns with compassion and self-love. 

Grainy Surface


Release the limiting beliefs, judgemental self-talk, and low confidence. Learn what it means to trust, love, and believe in yourself.


Grainy Surface


Unlearn societal pressures that made you believe you weren't worthy of rest. Learn ways to practice self-care, show up for yourself, and embrace ease free of guilt.

Grainy Surface


Release the identity you have used to survive for years and embrace the woman you desire to become. Establish your confidence and boldly take charge of your life.

What will our members get in this membership:

  • Live  Coaching Calls

  • Monthly affirmations 

  • Bi-monthly Healing circles ( Book Clubs, Yoga, etc)

  • Discount on live events/ Support Groups 

  • Access to Resources provided by guest facilitators

  • Goal Setting Accountability Groups

  • Journal prompts for Healing and Personal Development. 

Black Women Becoming ( B.W.B) was created with you in mind.!

Select the plan that works for you:

  • Connection with like minded women

  • Friends that love you & hold you accountable

  • Access to resources that can support you on a healing & self-love journey

  • Live coaching sessions/ support with Felicia 

  • Downloadable  resources for reflection & journaling

  • Discount on live events

And so much more included in your membership, sis!

Do you still have questions, sis?


How much is the membership?

Our membership is offered on a subscription basis. You can pay $24 monthly or $268 for the year. Subscriptions for our annual membership gives you one month free of charge. 


How soon should I see a transformation?

Based on our past work with women like you, they have seen changes in their lives within three months or less. Everyone is different, and we want you to avoid the comparison game. We will support and meet each of our members where they are. As a reminder,  things change when you decide to create change! 


How do I access the membership community?

Once you have purchased your membership, you will receive an email with access to our community platform, Circle. Circle can be downloaded through your app store for on-the-go access. 

As a reminder, this membership is not open to the public. Black Women Becoming (B.W.B) private community can be utilized only through a paid subscription. We vow to protect our member's privacy.


I have additional questions; who should I reach out to?

You can email us at We will respond to all inquiries within 24-48 hours. 

Meet your host

 Hi, my name is Felicia 

 I guide women seeking support and clarity on their self-love and self-healing journey. 

As a licensed therapist with over 10 years of working with Black women who have experienced trauma, I have implemented techniques that guide and empower women to honor the best version of themselves so they can design and live their lives unapologetically.

Every Black woman deserves healthy relationships, success within their career or business, freedom, abundance, and healing. 

You will always have a safe space to release, relax, and celebrate your growth while working with me. I will always affirm and remind you to own your power, unlock your confidence, and love yourself boldly so you can experience life intentionally.

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