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Support  for the Ambitious 

Black woman

" If you prioritize yourself, you will save yourself"


As a powerful Black woman, you have always been intentional with setting goals that will help you flourish and reach the level of success you desire. You've been able to crush many goals and unlock the excellence that lies within, but when it comes to being the woman you desire to be mentally and emotionally, you feel you're on this journey alone.

There may be times when you feel like no one else has gone through what you are experiencing, there are very limited spaces where you feel safe enough to disclose your feelings, you find it hard to connect with other women or build a sisterhood, or you may believe no one can help you. 

Why would this group benefit me?

Sis, take a minute to ask yourself if any of these descriptions align with how you feel:

  • You struggle with setting and enforcing boundaries with those in your life without feeling guilty. 

  • You find it hard to focus on achieving goals because you constantly feel anxious or fearful of what could go wrong. 

  • You are consumed with negative thoughts about your abilities and worth. 

  • You continue to suppress how you feel to appear strong.

  • You engage in negative coping skills such as avoidance, impulsive spending, and unhealthy relationships to handle stressors.

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Tell me more, sis!

During this 4 week group, we will focus on several  topics that will be impactful as you continue to heal and design the life you desire. 


Imagine what your life would be like if you had the opportunity to learn how to: 

  • Improve your relationships

  • Set and enforce boundaries 

  • Prioritize your mental well-being

  • Adopt new coping skills 

  • Honor your feelings

  • Set realistic goals

  • Reclaim the power of rest by prioritizing self-care

  • Live life unapologetically. 

This group has limited availability to help foster an intimate sisterhood. 

DATE: October 13th- Nov 3rd. 

DAY/ Time: Thursday’s at 7pm 

Location: Virtual 


                    $160 paid in full ( discounted rate)


                    $180 ( 2 payments of $90) 

This group is open to anyone in the U.S., so spaces will fill quickly. 

If you're ready, click "I'm ready," and join us! We can't wait to heal and grow with you!

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